With our beloved Eulan McSwain at the helm.  Eulan was a decorated World War II Veteran and began working for a cabinet maker after returning home from the war.

  He soon discovered that he possessed a true gift for woodworking and unparalleled artistic abilities which led him into forming his own business in April of 1960.

  Eulan was an exceptional master carver.  His range of skills and eye for detail created some of the most exquisite pieces of furniture ever made.

  He passed that love for furniture building and his superior skill sets on to his son,  Mike McSwain, who joined the family business in 1971, and then on to Mike's son, Eric who joined the business in 1991.

  Our dear Eulan passed away in 2003 at the age of 83, but the business, now under the leadership of Mike and Eric,  has carried on with the same vision and influence that Eulan began and continues the tradition of the highest standards in excellence and quality construction that McSwain's has built its     50+ year reputation on.


   We are proud of the fact that each piece is made from solid wood throughout.  All joinery uses old world techniques and our finishes are applied by hand and rubbed to perfection to give that old world feel and look.

Our business has been featured in the following publications:

Author Jim Gordon III has recently released a booked entitled, “Unforgotten Sins in Charleston” in which Mike McSwain is acknowledged for his contributions to his research and understanding of the history of fine furniture in the South. To read the full description provided by Mr. Gordon III in his relationship with Mike McSwain, click here.  To find details on purchasing the book which is available on click on the book cover to the left.